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Giornalista Professionista - Milano, Lombardia, Italia


Dopo 20 anni di esperienza in pubblicità
e comunicazione terminati in posizioni apicali in un’importante agenzia multinazionale statunitense e una successiva parentesi imprenditoriale nell’ospitalità turistica, Emanuela ha ripreso l’antica passione per la scrittura, già espressa più di 30 anni fa in un’attività di pubblicista free lance.
Divide ora il suo tempo tra la nascente attività di A.L.I., per la quale cura in particolare le casistiche internazionali di longevity economy e altre collaborazioni editoriali.

We have observed a huge gap in how the marketing world perceives, portrays and engages today’s mature consumers. Ground-breaking research from Age of Majority found marketers disproportionately invest in youth under false assumptions about aging consumers.
We felt it was about time that businesses focused on the largest and most lucrative opportunity available. That is why we launched Age of Majority, supported by our collective 30 years of management consulting, brand management and agency experience.
The Age of Majority leadership team oversees the design and execution of all client work, thought-leadership and speaking engagements. They are supported by a team of consultants and bolstered by AoM’s key advisors and an extended network of subject matter experts.

Laureata in Scienze Politiche nell’Università di Cagliari, si è specializzata in Studi di Popolazione presso l’Università Statale di Groningen (Paesi Bassi). Ha conseguito il dottorato in Scienze Sociali – Demografia presso l’Università Cattolica di Louvain (Belgio). I suoi interessi di ricerca sono: l’invecchiamento della popolazione, la mortalità, i centenari, l’analisi della sopravvivenza, la demografia storica, l’immigrazione, la condizione degli immigrati nel mercato del lavoro.

I am the Director of UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) a world-leading organisation, created with a £40 million investment from UK Government and Newcastle University, to help create a world in which we all live better, for longer. The Centre aims to bring together world-leading innovation experts, scientists, industry and the public, to develop, test and bring to market products and services which enhance and improve all aspects of life for our ageing societies.

Before, I was research manager at IBM Research where I have been the Program Manager and Ethics AI lead of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, a $250 million academic industry partnership for the responsible advancement of artificial intelligence.

I am an author, teacher, applied research scientist and I'm interested in understanding how technologies and AI can help mitigate factors as loneliness and isolation, fight ageism (here’s my talk at TEDx) and support life of older adults while preserving independence and dignity in their life-stages progression. I am also interest in the dynamics about women, technology and the workplace serving as founding board member of

In my IBM career, I served as Global Manager of Ai for Healthy Aging in Cambridge; Director of Human Centric Solution Center in Paris; Head of Corporate Brand System and Social media and head of Customer Experience, Brand and Usability both in IBM Italy, Milano.
Prior to joining IBM, I was creative director at McCann-Erikson Interactive and served ad creative director in several advertising agencies.

In my other explorations through innovative digital + human landscapes of interaction I was Head of Digital at Tinaba and co-founder of Talent Garden (TAG) Innovation School the largest European co-working and innovation hub. Born in Italy the Innovation School is now active with 23 campuses in 8 different countries. It runs 5 Full time Masters, 10 Masterclasses, has trained more than 3,500 professionals, and involved 80 companies in training programs.

I enjoy writing and am particularly excited about the interaction of technology and humans. I wrote four books all published by Egea/Università Bocconi; my former (Le Infiltrate) was dedicated to the dramatic lack of women in STEM careers and its impact on future society, while the last (Immortali) is a journey through the opportunities of the longevity revolution and the chances of immortality provided by AI and broad research.

I feel strongly that researchers need to engage with the public. I have engaged in a variety of outreach activities, from showcasing applied research in business innovation plays, to public speaking, to organizing and participating in events aimed at the public, in volunteering. I'm glad that the public is interested in what I study and I do, and I'm keen to share my passion with others. I also like to think about the ways in which the longevity revolution will impact society and how technologies will tackle it; this is something that I do through my role as adjunt professor at Università di Bergamo and serving as Board member of International Scientific Advisory Committee at the Mc Master institute for research on aging between others.

I have an account on LinkedIn which I check constantly. I am an active Twitter user, where my username is @nipalm.

You can find a more formal CV here. (Updating it)

Ken Dychtwald and Bob Morison are co-authors of What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age.

KEN DYCHTWALD has spent the last 35 years studying the lifestyle, marketing, health care, and workforce implications of the age wave. He's a psychologist, gerontologist, and best-selling author of 17 books on aging-related issues. His firm, Age Wave, was created in 1986 to guide companies and government groups in product/service development for boomers and mature adults.

ROBERT MORISON is a researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and authority on what happens at the intersections of business, technology, and people management. He has been leading breakthrough research for more than 30 years, collaborating with eminent academics, thought leaders, and management innovators.

Professor Andrew J Scott, leading authority on the economics of longevity and co-author of the global best-seller “The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity” (Bloomsbury, June 2016), says we are living longer and better lives than ever before. A professor of economics at London Business School, Scott shows us how individuals, business and society can unlock the benefits and opportunities that flow from this enormously important trend.

Drawing upon a broad and in-depth knowledge of aging and combining economics with the personal, Scott speaks with wit, wisdom and insight about the profound changes underway. Each generation is living around ten years or longer, than past ones. Children born today face a plausible chance of living to 100. That changes everything – not just for us as individuals as we plan to live longer lives, but for businesses who must adapt to an older demographic. This challenge is far more complex and nuanced than marketers and product designers tend to believe. Scott helps organizations recognize the issues and capitalize on the strengths of the emerging older demographic, gaining a crucial competitive advantage in years to come.

Scott brings a unique perspective to the theme of longevity as a global economist, professor, and government advisor by drawing on a range of disciplines. Contending that longevity is one of three significant global socio-economic trends along with artificial intelligence and sustainability, his robust insights reveal how longevity will impact every industry and organization. These range from how aging will change marketing – appealing to older consumers but not in a way that groups them homogenously – to how companies can retrain and upskill older workers rather than losing their institutional knowledge and wisdom to retirement. Scott also discusses the implications for the financial services industry, education and health care, offering concrete recommendations for how players in these areas can capitalize on the new biggest growth market of people over the age of 55. The aging of the world population will force organizations to change their preconceptions about “the elderly” and realize that this demographic is now the future area of customer growth and human resources.

Scott’s work is having a material impact across the world: “The 100 Year Life” has sold half a million copies and was the focus of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s commission “Design a 100 Year Life”. Scott established The Longevity Forum in Singapore – another place facing rapid aging – bringing together the extraordinary potential of scientific research around anti-aging with the behavioural and economic responses needed for longer lifespans. What started as a day of bringing together the brightest minds in this space from all spectrums of industry, has developed into London Longevity Week and a growing global agenda springing from a meeting of world experts sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Scott’s eagerly awaited new book, “The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World” (May 2020), provides clarity on how technological change and longevity together, require us to live our lives differently and what we all need to do to seize the advantage.

Scott is currently fellow of All Souls, Oxford University, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research. Having previously held positions at Harvard University and the London School of Economics, he advises corporations and governments and served as Non-Executive Director for the U.K.’s Financial Services Authority 2009-2013. Scott is on the advisory board of the U.K.’s Office for Budget Responsibility; advisor to the Academy for Health and Lifespan Research; a member of the Cabinet Office Honours Committee (Science and Technology); the U.K. government’s Longevity Council and the WEF Council on Japan; and Chairman of Encore, U.K.